Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Wallpaper: Mushrooms

Back when I was in cooking school in New Hampshire, our student apartments had a large, heavily forested backyard. When it rained, there were a lot of mushrooms. I went foraging a handful of times, not to pick mushrooms, but to photograph them. Recently I stumbled upon my old photographs and decided some of them would make some pretty decent wallpaper.

I've decided to file these photos under their own category, instead of mixing them in with the food. This is primarily because most of my mushroom photos are of poisonous varieties. In fact, two that were identified for me by a teacher, Chef Ross, are the Destroying Angel and the Panther Cap, which are sypposed to be two of the deadliest mushrooms in the world.

The other mushrooms are not yet identified. If anyone happens to know what they are, I would love to know so that I can label them appropriately. The new mushroom wallpaper is now located here, and the food wallpaper has been moved here. As always you can get to any of my wallpaper by clicking the "wallpaper" link on the right side of the page.

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