Tuesday, August 29, 2006

PLUG's 10th Birthday!

I have an announcement for the local geek public. This will shortly be announced by Jayce and then by PLUG (the Provo Linux Users Group), but I wanted to beat them to the punch.

"Join PLUG in September as we celebrate our 10th birthday! That's right, the Provo Linux Users Group turns 10 years old this year. To celebrate, hacker chef Joseph Hall will be bringing a 3D cake in the shape of our favorite Linux mascot, Tux. The cake will feature chocolate from Orem's new chocolate factory, Amano Artisan Chocolate, one of the very few chocolate factories in the United States that actually creates their chocolate directly from the bean. Amano is also possibly the only chocolate factory in the country, if not the world, owned and operated by a computer geek, Art Pollard. There will be a discussion of what went into the construction of the cake before we cut into it. Make sure to bring your cameras, for this will truly be a sight to behold. This won't be a small cake, so by all means come and help finish it off, along with the ice cream that will also be provided!"

The aforementioned cake will not be an easy feat, especially since I have never built a 3D cake before, unless you count the practice Tux head that I did recently. As you know from that post, I don't like fondant. I think it tastes horrible. So I have gotten together with Art to get enough Amano chocolate to cover Tux in modelling chocolate instead of fondant. With any luck, I'll have enough chocolate left over for samples.

The PLUG meeting/birthday party will be Wednesday, September 13 at 7:30pm. We will be meeting in the United Online office in building Q at 1253 North Research Way, in Orem, UT. For additional details, keep an eye on PLUG's official website.

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