Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Poll For The Girls: Romantic Dinner

Many of you will remember my poll for the guys last month. Ladies, I'd like you to sound off now. I've decided to write my handout for my class so that it can be used either to teach a class full of women, a class full or men, or both.

The rules are as before. Your sweetie has decided to cook you a nice, romantic dinner. You can have whatever you want, so long as it's not too extravagant. What would you like him to make?

Again, every woman is different. I know that if I serve my wife steak and potatoes, I'll get lucky that night. However, apparently studies show that things like steak (or the smell of cooked meat in general) are big turn-offs for the ladies. Men's cologne is on the list too. You ladies sure do like to make it hard for us, don't you? Just kidding. Mostly. Tell me, what would you like? Be as descriptive about the food as you like. This is for posterity.


  1. Hmmm... Good Question!
    I think this is another case where it's different for every girl. Pretty much, the important thing is for the guy to know his girl's favorite foods.
    Girls really like it when their sweetie knows little details about them and their interests. It means that they are paying attention to the details.
    Generally, for me, pastas are good. Particularly a cajun pasta that I grew up with. (my fiancee cooks killer pasta, so that's a particular plus)... It still depends somewhat on my mood, though. Girls are moody, and everything depends on the mood :)

  2. I think I'd like a nice raspberry chicken salad with raspberry cheesecake for dessert. :)

  3. Chicken Cordon Bleu with rice pilaf and some steamed mixed veggies (or straight broccoli). Malibu Chicken would maybe be an easier alternative, since my hubby isn't a big chef-type person. No matter what my mood is, that meal always sounds good to me.


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