Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Utah Open Source Planet

I don't know how it happened. I knew I had a few readers. The number of people who talked to me about how much they loved the Chicken Cordon Rouge idea proved that. And I've been pretty happy looking at my daily stats (average of 21 visitors/day this month, topping out at 52 visitors on May 26), but when I saw Gabe's latest post on the Utah Open Source Planet, I was blown away.

For those of you that don't know about the UOSP (also fondly known as Open Clue) yet, it is a collection of blogs from computer geeks, mostly from Utah. Back when Jayce^ convinced me to start blogging my recipes, he also suggested I get myself on Open Clue as wel, seeing as I've been a Linux/Perl geek for some years now. I've largely suspected that the majority of my readership has come from Open Clue. I guess had no idea.

Gabe just posted the top referers to the UOSP. I came in 4th, right behind Jayce, with Google and Bloglines leading the pack. I'm glad to giving something back to the Open Clue, in exchange for all the readers they've given me. There are several other fine blogs on Open Clue as well, many of which feature the occassional cooking bit (one of my favorites has been Tensai's). It's still strange to me to think that such a huge part of the geek community would also be such stellar cooks, but there you have it. So if you're an Open Source geek or want to check out the geek side of cooking, check it out. Here, I'll even give you one more link. Clickety!

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