Sunday, May 7, 2006

A Chef's Saturday, Part 1

So, what does a chef do on his day off? Okay, so I'm not technically a chef. We'll just pretend. So, I decided to take a day and play around in Salt Lake. Contrary to popular belief, there are quite a few places of interest to foodies in Salt Lake. When I mentioned what I was going to do, Levi suggested I check out Pirate O's. Now, I'd never heard of this place before. But when I read on City Search that the owner was a former supplier to Trader Joe's, I knew I had to go.

Boy, am I glad I did. We saw the owner with his long, white ponytail when we walked in. As we began our traversal of the place, the first thing I noticed was a Wall-O-Hotsauce. Finally, I had found the habanero Tabasco I had been looking for! And right on the same shelf was a bottle of Tabasco soy sauce. You know I bought them both. They had a beautiful selection of chocolates, including a German treat that my wife loves called Kinder Eggs. They had a brand of real maple syrup called Northern Comfort that I remembered from living in New Hampshire. I saw squid ink pasta, and a plentiful selection of oils and vinegars. I had also never seen so many different types of Walkers shortbread in one place before.

One of my favorite parts was the refrigerator section. It's a large walk-in fridge stocked with meats, cheeses and drinks. I picked up a bit of manchego cheese, and some mimolette cheese. They had homemade liverwurst (say what you want, but I do actually like the stuff), and a big ol' yard of salami. Brasilians, take note: they stock Antarctica Guarana. They even had one of my favorite brands of ginger beer, Cock and Bull (no kidding).

I loved this place. It was like a playground. Those of you that have a love of food, it's time for you to go. I certainly plan to add it to my list of places to shop in Salt Lake.

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  1. Thank you for posting this, I am going to check that place out. I am originally from Southern California and miss Trader Joes badly, if this place is anything like it I will be stoked.


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