Sunday, May 7, 2006

A Chef's Saturday, Part 3

Last stop: The London Market. Now, England is not known for their food. I once had a friend describe English food to me as "making the best of a really bad situation". No wonder they love Indian food (dot, not feather) so much in England. Judging by the huge Wall-O-Chocolate, I'm gonna guess they have a thing for chocolate. These are my kind of people. Well, as far as chocolate goes, at least.

Now, they have just a few groceries there, most of which you don't normally see in America. But I'm sure they're amazingly ordinary on the other side of the pond. Where we have marinara, they have chasseur sauce. Where we have potato chips, they have potato crisps. And where we have regular and vegetarian chili, they have regular and vegetarian haggis.

No, I didn't buy any. But I had to share a photo, mostly so that my friends in America would believe me. I did end up buying some aged cheddar for me, and some bakewell tarts and chocolate cookies for Lars, at his request. Seriously, you should check this place out. The people are friendly, and they do sell non-food items there too. Be sure to check out the Harry Potter section.

This was the last of the food stores that I went to, but I guess I should mention the one other place that I went to: the Oriental Food Market down the street from the London Market, maybe a block south of there. The only thing I really bought there was melon soda (mmm, honeydew), but they do have a killer selection of Oriental goods. Next time I'm up in Salt Lake, I'll visit my favorite Asian markets and write them up here when I get back.

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  1. Oh, yum. You mock me. I haven't had a good melon soda since I came back from Japan. I have *got* to make a trip to Utah...


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