Sunday, May 7, 2006

A Chef's Saturday, Part 2

Next up on my stop: an old favorite, Liberty Heights Fresh. A good friend of mine pointed this place out to me a couple of years ago, and I've been hooked ever since. This place is a lot like Pirate O's, except they have more of an emphasis on fresh foods, such as produce (which I did not see at Pirate O's). These guys have a cheese selection that is hard to beat, certainly in Salt Lake. And the great thing is, they will let you taste any of it before you buy it. While I forgot to pick up the gorgonzola I meant to buy today, I have previously picked up all sorts of cheeses, from Lincolnshire poacher to Parmessiano Reggiano.

They also have a killer selection of fresh olives, which are entirely self-serve. I did pick up some kalamatas, some kind of "olive cocktail" and something marinated in herbs de provence. I also picked up a wee jar of saffron, known far and wide as the world's most expensive food ($7.99 for a tiny, tiny jar, and probably a deal at that).

I don't know if they've ever not had purple potatoes there. These are truly a treat. I've made mashed potatoes with them (with chipotle Tobasco and garlic, of course), I've made appetizer cups with them, I've even made oven fries. Go buy some. Right now. Treat 'em the same way you would red potatoes, and you won't go wrong.

And let's not forget the breads. They have a wide selection of fresh-baked breads available behind the registers, all you need to do is ask. Everyone I know that knew about this place before I did knew them for their bread. I could go on and on about the chocolates, the oils and vinegars, the pastas, everything. But I think it's time you check it out yourself.


  1. Just had to add my praise for this store - I found it about 2 and a half years ago and it used to be the only place in Utah where I could find *good* dark chocolate (Valrhona & Michel Cluizel). They also carry a nice selection of Balsamic Vinegar, including some of the most expensive stuff around. And as you mention, the cheese selection is amazing (another amazing cheese place exists in the shopping center just east of there, the one that Bankok Thai is in, I can't think of the name of the place but it is worth checking out if you like cheese). The triple-cream cheese at Liberty Heights is to die for.

    By the way, if you have not already, you should check out Caputo's market ( - over the last 6 months they have been putting together quite the selection of fine chocolate, including my favorite, Domori. They also carry Valrhona and a few other more obscure brands, but until they carry Michel Cluizel and Amedi, there selection will be incomplete.

  2. I run Caputo's Market and we now do carry Amedei (with exclusivity contracts in Utah)and Michel Cluizel. Plus many more new addtions such as Cuba Venchi, Pralus, Bonnat and many more.


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