Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Sandwich Spread

Every morning before work, I make myself a sandwich. Lately I've been using this awesome whole wheat ciabatta that they sell at the grocery store on my way to work. Usually I add tomatoes, which I have to pat dry a little with paper towels first, so that my sandwich doesn't get soaked. But as it turns out, some jerk already used the last of the tomatoes to make salsa. Do you think that's going to stop me from putting tomatoes on my sandwich? I don't think so. I just used some of the salsa instead. Why not? I put things like tomatoes and peppers and onions on sandwiches all the time, and that's mostly what the salsa is anyway. Only things that are really just a little different are the lime and the cilantro, and that's no biggie.

So I put a nice little helping of homemade salsa on my sandwich. Bonus: the salsa actually had less liquid than the tomatoes by themselves, so I didn't have to pat it dry. What little was left was just enough to season the rest of the sandwich. When I took at bite at lunch today, I was reminded of two recipes: Alton Brown's Pan Bagnat and Emeril Lagasse's muffaletta sandwiches that he so loves to make. I'm thinking that my sandwich must have been at least somewhat reminiscent of what those taste like.

Mental note: stop by Liberty Heights Fresh in Salt Lake, pick up a few fresh olives, and make an olive salad. And then use that to make some muffalettas for lunch next week.

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