Tuesday, December 1, 2009

T-Shirts For Sale!

Some of you may recall that when I did my Object Oriented Cooking presentation at the 2009 Utah Open Source Conference, I was wearing a t-shirt with an 8-bit stand mixer on it, instead of one of the bowling shirts that I usually wear. I actually designed and had that shirt made about a year ago. The idea was always to put up a few designs for sale, but I never got around to it; mostly because I only ever came up with one other design that I was even remotely happy with.

Well, a couple of nights ago, I got an idea for another design. It was based on the source code that I used in my presentation for a PB&J sandwich, written in Perl. I drew up the 8-bit graphics, added the source code to the back of the shirt, and after a couple of revisions, posted it for sale.

I now have three shirt designs for sale, in my Spreadshirt store. All feature 8-bit graphics depicting various food-related items. We have the stand mixer that I wore at the conference, a big-ol' jug of moonshine, and of source the PB&J in Perl. And just in time for Christmas too!

So if you want to show your geek side and your food side all at once, head over to my Spreadshirt store and grab a t-shirt. Or direct your friends and/or family members in that direction! I'll post more shirts as ideas come to me, but at least now we have an appetizer to get everyone started.


  1. What, no t-shirts for the ladies? ;)

  2. Hello! My name is Justin Lloyd. I just came across your site and I wanted to let you know I work for this awesome merch printing company that you may be able to use for shirts, hoodies, or whatever else you'd like that can be printed on. We have some crazy deals going on such as 100 1 or 2-color shirts for only $300 + shipping. If you'd like, I can email you with a client list or some photos of examples of prints we've done. Just let me know!

  3. Thank you for sharing these, the designs really look amazing. I like it since it's in 8-bit.


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