Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Amano Chocolate: Dos Rios

I can't even tell you how mad I am right now at Art Pollard, at Amano Chocolate. After my glowing review of his totally excellent Guayas chocolate, he rewarded me by completely failing to mention that he had another chocolate also on the way: Dos Rios. I would have had no idea if I hadn't seen it on the shelf at Pirate-O's today.

I bought a bar, along with my sandwich for lunch, and headed back to the office. After a few bites of sandwich, I decided that I couldn't wait to try the chocolate. So I put the sandwich down and broke off a piece of chocolate. The second I put it in my mouth, I knew I had a problem. Not only did I not want to finish my sandwich, for fear of losing the flavor that was suddenly in my mouth. In fact, I don't know if I can ever eat another kind of chocolate again. I have officially been ruined.

The box that this chocolate comes in describes it as tasting like bergamot oranges, cloves and cinnamon. They're not kidding. The orange punched me in the mouth immediately, and was complimented by an amazing set of spices. I used to like those cheap chocolate oranges that you can find everywhere in America around Christmas time. They are officially crap. This trumps that any day.

There is a bitterness that you expect from dark chocolate, but it's not an unpleasant bitterness. I broke off a piece and gave it to Harleypig, and told him that he had to try it. The look on his face was classic. He finally said, "I do not like dark chocolate. But I like this." The bitterness is one of the things he mentioned. It's not the dark bitterness of overly dark chocolate, but the pleasant bitterness of an orange that isn't too sweet.

You have to try this. If you're in the south part of the Salt Lake valley, go down to Pirate-O's right now and buy a bar. If you're closer to downtown, go to Caputo's and get it. If you're too far from either, order online. This stuff is effing amazing.

Disclaimer: Although he's apparently not much of a friend right now, I do know Art Pollard. I don't believe this to have biased my review of the chocolate itself, but that's your call. And maybe if Art starts telling me about new flavors again, I'll acknowledge him as a friend again.

Update: Art called, and we talked shop until I had to go change a diaper. We're friends again.

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