Saturday, November 8, 2008

Linkdump 2008-11-08

I thought I'd try something new. Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories likes to post a monthly linkdump, which I've always thought to be an interesting concept. I thought I'd try it out. Sometimes I come across links that I think might be interesting to share.

I recently discovered that Blogger seems to have the ability to schedule posts to publish at a later date and time. All you have to do is set the posting date for something in the future, hit publish, and let it go. So I'm going to start my linkdumps a week early, and add to them as I find interesting things. On Saturday mornings, anything that I've added throughout the week will be posted for me automatically.

The links will probably be a mix of food and tech, just like the rest of my blog. I might add other things on occassion, but those two things are my focus. So without any further ado, I present this week's links.

Search the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but since I was using it this week for a recipe, I thought I'd mention it again.
USDA Recipes for Schools I came across this while looking up the USDA Standard Reference in Google (I have it bookmarked, but Google is faster). Thought it was interesting.
Pumpkin Swirl Brownies My, these look tasty.
Deer Valley's Chocolate Raspberry Marquess I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be spelled "marquis", but that's beside the point. It's a tasty recipe nonetheless.
Hand Tatoo

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