Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Cake Decorating Class: Part 3

Tonight was the third night of my cake decorating class. The cool lady that sits across from me with her daughters used shopping carts to bring their supplies in from the parking lot. This time they decided to bring cupcakes, which are supposed to be a little easier to deal with afterwards.

We talked about making faces, piping out clown bodies, making shells and hearts. We also covered part 2 of the Wilton Rose, and just because our teacher likes us, we covered part 3 as well. Fortunately, we'll have a chance to practice again next week, because I still suck at it.

Eventually, we were given time to decorate our own cakes. I sallied forth, using none of the techniques we had just talked about. Those of you who know me know that I love paisleys. I never wear ties, except under duress, but all of the ties that I do own have paisleys. I even have a completely white tie with a paisley design on it. So I decided to go for a paisley kind of design.

I didn't give you a shot of the whole cake, because the design didn't actually look as nice as I had hoped. This shot was a little more dramatic. However, my cake was not the best in the class. The quiet girl next to me once again was set to stun the rest of us. I'm not kidding, she had vision. All of us are planning on moving on to the second and third level classes, but this girl is going to go so much further. Most of my readers are in Utah, so don't be offended when I say this, but I really hope this girl doesn't waste her talent hanging out in Utah. There are a lot of other markets where she would do well, far better than in Utah, once her talents are truly honed. Her cake:

Her designs are simple, elegant and beautiful. Yes, I do believe she'll go far. Colette Peters, look out!

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