Thursday, July 27, 2006

An Open Letter to Las Vegas

Dear Las Vegas,

No, I am not interested in a time share. I have never been interested in a time share, nor will I ever be interested in a time share. I don't know why a minimum of two timeshare booths per hotel, plus a number of them on the street, seem to think that I will be interested in a time share. I walked around today in sandals, frayed jeans and a worn out concert t-shirt from a local band in Salt Lake that broke up years ago. What is it, exactly, that makes me look like I have the money to spend on a time share?

I also don't need any call girls. As you may have noticed, I have a beautiful woman (my wife) attached to my arm as I walk by the groups of people trying to pretend they're not handing out flyers for call girls. Their services are not needed.

Other than these two observations, I might note that I have had a lovely vacation in your town so far.

Thank you.


  1. Why are you in Vegas and how long will you be there? I'm so confused.

  2. We quickly developed a couple of strategies for dealing with the time share folk. If we saw them in time, we would split up and walk on different sides of them. It was amazing! It honestly felt like we were absolutely invisible. But if they managed to surprise us, they would always ask if we were going to be in town the next night. When that happened, we told them we were on our way to the airport. Very effective.


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