Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Poll For The Guys: Romantic Dinner

Okay guys, this one is for you. Imagine that your wife/girlfriend/etc has decided to cook you a nice, romantic dinner. You can ask for anything you want, so long as it's not too extravegant. What would you ask your sweetie to make for you?

You see, I've been asked to teach a cooking class to a church group of women. They're looking for quick and simple romantic meals to cook for their hubbies. My plan is to show them how to make a reasonably quick and simple meal, and give them a handout with recipes for the meal, and maybe a few other recipe suggestions as well. After going through and making up a menu that I would personally enjoy, I showed it to a friend who thought it looked pretty dang gross. He would rather have plain old steak and potaotes. I asked another friend, and he agreed that he would love steak and potatoes too.

Now, I know every guy is different. While I do enjoy steak on occassion, it's really not a favorite of mine. My protein of choice is chicken. I know another guy who is fairly vegetarian, but enjoys salmon on occassion. So I'm looking for all sorts of answers from all sorts of guys. I figure that if a guy is making a romantic dinner for a woman, that's one thing. For instance, vegetables seem to be a much higher priority for them. But if a woman is making a romantic dinner for a guy, that's something else entirely. I suspect that most guys just want meat and potatoes. And this class does seem to be geared towards women cooking for their husbands.

So guys, back to the first question: what would you like your sweetie to make for you? Leave me your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks!


  1. Well-seasoned salmon, some form of garlicky bread stuff and steamed yet crunchy veggies.

    You can keep your nasty taters. ;)

    (The baked ones, anyways. Mashed or french fried are good, but I wouldn't put either of those with salmon, myself.)

  2. I think the best served romantic meal is one that you know is your hubbies favorite.

    Personally a good juicy steak is my favorite. Candle lit dinners are always a plus.

  3. Being one of the aforementioned friends that responded steak, I guess I should clarify that. As ken mentioned, it's most important to know what your SO wants. For me, I'm a comfort food, pretty basic person. The simplicity, and flavors of a good steak and potatoes stands out sharply on my list of desires.

    As for Salmon, well some nice lingcod or Halibut used to be good to me, but we're in Utah here now, it doesn't taste the same, even if they get that sucker on a learjet on the way out.

  4. I'd go with grilled salmon with dill sauce, and some steamed asparagus. A nice little garden salad on the side, and you've got a nice quick romantic meal.

  5. My wife's a bit of a health nut, so anything unhealthy would do the trick. Fried is a good keyword. It's not that fried food is my favorite, it's that I like it and don't get it regularly. And I know that if she makes it she's thinking of me, not her. That's a pretty good definition of romantic, right?

  6. Simce my husband doens't read this blog, I'll answer for him. He likes it when I cook him pretty mcuh anything, especially when I'm trying out some new recipe, but for romantic dinners I usually go with some kind of pasta. He seems to especially enjoy it when I do a version with chicken or bacon or various meats thrown in together (usually pepperoni, ham and maybe chicken). A cheesy garlic bread or foccaccia is a must, and I usually have a little side salad to satisfy that healthy wife side of the table. ;)

  7. Being the friend who thought his menu was gross (I didn't say that exactly, but ...)

    If I were making dinner for her then I'd work on making it the way she wanted it. Me? I'm more into foods I'm comfortable with, that I can sit back and relax and just enjoy without having to feel like I'm under an etiquette review.

  8. Either steak or halibut (salmon can work too) with pasta is something I always enjoy. Pasta and steak can be tricky (in my experience), but I love it. Of course, I can always be won over with fresh seafood.

  9. Well, Art is right; I do love pasta. But I could also very easily go with the steak and potatoes crowd. My mother used to make chimichangas (a recipes handed down to her by my Mexican great-grandmother). Art's going to learn to make that this weekend. (Just the fact that she's putting forth the effort is a huge turn on)! Basically though, I find the company is as important as the food or the setting. Art made cheese sandwiches the other night. The first one burned blacker than midnight, but it was still romantic that she was working to please me. (For the record, the stove burners are hosed, not Art's cooking skills. Plus she was using a very lightweight pan from the dollar store). So to conclude, I think that any husband that isn't burning with desirre for his wife when she puts forth a first class effort to make an enjoyable dinner probably has a screw loose that good food won't fix.


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