Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Lemon Curd

Ever feel like your vascular system is just too healthy? Well, I have the solution! This is one of many, but the one that I went with this weekend. I had three extra egg yolks, and I would have felt bad just throwing them away. So I prepared a double boiler and an ice water bath. I put the three egg yolks in a bowl with about an ounce of butter, the juice and zest of one lemon, and probably about 2 to 3 Tablespoons worth of baker's (superfine) sugar. I'm sure regular granulated sugar would be fine, you'll just have to keep an eye on the flavor like I did. Put the bowl over water at a rolling boil and start whisking. Don't stop! As soon as that bowl hits the heat, you're committed. Make sure you keep it all moving so that it doesn't scramble on you, and keep scraping the sides especially with the whisk. When it starts to tighten up into a nice little gel, move that bowl into another bowl full of ice water. You can slow down, but I wouldn't stop until it reaches about room temperature. Keep in mind that it will thicken as it cools. Refrigerate and use within a few days. My favorite is still toast, but hey, do what you want. Toast, crepes, it's all good.

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