Sunday, February 10, 2008

French Firefox Cookies

Every so often, somebody new runs across either the Firefox cookies or the Ubuntu cookies that I made so long ago, and I see another spike in my stats. Usually it's no big deal, just somebody posting a link on their blog or perhaps a message forum, occassionally accompanied by a note on how crazy I must be. Frequently the blog or forum will be in a non-English language, such as Spanish or Polish. Sometimes I can translate, sometimes not.

Somebody who speaks French apparently decided that my instructions needed to be translated into their language. At first I was a little surprised to see lolcat captions printed on my photos, but then I became flattered when I realized that they had seemingly lovingly translated all of my instructions. I skimmed over it and suddenly saw the phrase, "MUHAHAHAHAH PWND NOOB!"

Now, my French is pretty rusty (read: I don't know French), but that didn't look like it translated from something that I wrote. It was time to send the article through the Google translator. There were comments about "the author", some of which I chalk up to them calling me crazy, etc., and the occassional quip about something or other. The "noob" comment translated in Google to, " Well, that was simple yet your little cousin of 5 years may well be (but she knows disassemble a computer-back in less than an hour with your eyes closed with one hand behind their backs?? MUHAHAHAHAH PWND NOOB! )". I'm not entirely sure what that means still. I think it means the previous step was so easy your 5 year old cousin could do it, but then again she could take apart a computer with one hand tied behind her back in less than an hour. Ha ha! You just got pwned, noob!

Right. Anyway, now I'm just plain amused at their translation. I'm not sure, but I think I like their sense of humor. Almost makes me want to learn French just so that I can get a real translation of it. Still, if you want the instructions in French, there they are. Enjoy.


  1. Your French translator calls herself "la geekette", the little female geek. She does call you crazy a few times, but in a very humorous, geek-to-geek kind of way.

    I usually translate from French or English to Spanish, but I could do a French to English translation.

    There's a bit of the text:

    Les ingrédients

    Ah bah oui, vous allez devoir sortir, lever votre doux séant de votre chaise, enfiler un manteau, prendre votre cabas de petite vieille et ramper jusqu'au Carouf du coin.

    The ingredients

    Well yes, you'll have to get out: get your sweet ass off the chair, put on a coat, take your little old lady basket and crawl to your neighborhood's supermarket.

    As a fan of your blog, I'd be more than happy to do the complete translation for your amusement. So, if you want it, just ask.

  2. Here is the translation of "Ça, c'était encore simple, votre petite cousine de 5 ans pourrait très bien faire (mais sait-elle démonter-remonter un ordi en moins d'une heure les yeux fermés avec une main dans le dos ? non ? MUHAHAHAHAH PWND NOOB !)"

    That was still pretty easy, your 5 years old cousin could do it (but did she know how to dissembled/rebuilt a computer in less than an hour with closed eyes and a hand behind her back ? No ? MUHAHAHA PWND NOOB!)

    Im French, so excuse my English ;)

  3. (Excuse my bad English :p)
    I love your recipe and I translated it for my friends ^^ I wanted to contact you to thank but you found me before.

    So I thank you and I hope my article doesn't bother you, if you want a translate, contact me and I will make it with joy ^^

  4. Well as other said the translation is a very lovely if slightly geeky one and it works wonders to bake cookies with :)

    I love you for coming up with the original idea though !


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