Thursday, August 9, 2007

Firefox Cookies... Again

Well, it would seem that the Firefox Cookies that I made last November are making the rounds again. This happens about once a month or so, somebody new will discover either the Ubuntu cookies or the Firefox cookies and post them somewhere, and my traffic will spike for a day or two. This last time was different, though. Somebody lifted the final photo of the Firefox cookies and posted it on their site, without bothering to credit the original source. Then somebody else found it and posted it on Digg, which is when I heard about it. By the time I looked at the Digg posting, there were already rants from some people who wanted the source code (Firefox is open source, why shouldn't the cookies be?), and a few other people who had posted links to the source code (turns out the cookies were open source too).

By this morning, somebody else had Dugg the source code (finally giving credit to me), but the load from Digg and from Flickr had cause my server to run out of memory. Fortunately, as soon as Neverblock noticed the problem, they rebooted my server and spotted me some extra RAM to make it through. I don't know how long I was down, but Neverblock was much better to work with than other hosting providers that I have used.

I appreciate everyone that gave me credit for my cookies. That's all I want, really. Credit for a job well done, with a link back to my site. For those who have asked: the cookies themselves are pretty generic. They taste just like sugar cookies. They're pretty good, but after the first dozen or so of them, one may tire of them.

I guess maybe it's time to make some more cookies. I already have plans for Utah Open Source Conference cookies (Sign up now! It is almost at hand!), but I've also been thinking about doing some kind of Gnome cookies. I never was too happy with how my hippen paste ones turned out, and looking at the Gnome Cookbook Project has inspired me. I'll be on the road for the next couple of weeks, so we'll see what happens when I get back.

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