Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Too Much!

I officially haven't posted for over a week. Sorry about that. We'll just say it's been a little busy, both at work and at home. Monday was the last day of the insanity, which had been building for a good month or two. Tuesday was a nice little break, and gave me a chance to actually spend some time in the kitchen.

During this time, I came to a decision. I love cooking, but my true passion lies in baking. In fact, I've decided to devote the majority of my free time to bakery-type activities. So while you may see the occassional non-bakery item show up in here, I'm going to start focusing on sweets. The good news is, you're likely to see a lot more consistency in my posts. If I go another week again without posting, then something is probably really wrong. The exception will be in mid-February, when my wife pops out our little girl, which I expect will force a haiatus from blogging. Until then, enjoy the desserts!

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