Monday, October 2, 2006

More Tux Cakes!

When I originally posted the Tux Cake tutorial, I never really expected anyone to actually make one of their own. Sure, I expected a few people to like it. How could you not like a 3D cake in the form of a penguin? I had people linking to me from not only the United States, but also Hungary, Poland, Italy, Germany and even a few places in languages that I couldn't identify. But that was a crazy project. Who in their right mind would actually want to go through all that just to make their own? But just a couple of weeks later, I found an interesting link in my web stats. As it turns out, somebody else was crazy enough to make one. Kudos to GreyDreamLand for his efforts! I am truly impressed.

If anyone else decides to make a Tux Cake of their own, go ahead and drop me a comment on this post and I'll link back to you on the last page of the tutorial. Thanks again to everyone that visited and enjoyed the tutorial!


  1. I made this cake for my little brother's 8th birthday (he loves penguins haha) so thank you for the recipe! it didn't turn out as cool as yours, but it still was very cool. =]

    you can look at the pictures at :

  2. I just made a scaled down version of the tux cake for my son's 13th birthday. He's a super Linux/Tux fan. It's my first cake made from scratch and it looks a little like FrankenTux. :-)

  3. I made a smaller version for the Mid Huson Valley Linux Users group anniversary meeting (

    Photos are on Facebook at

    I used 4 9 3/4" springform cakes for the base and 3 6" cakes for the top.

    The URL for the modeling chocolate is broken, but you can get it from the internet archive. I used candy making chocolate from the local craft store instead of chocolate blocks. It came out great - much better than the fondant I've been using in years past.


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