Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Salt Lake Greek Festival 2006

It's coming. This weekend. You can't stop it. It will come with or without you. And why would you want to miss it?

The Salt Lake Greek Festival is held every year, the weekend after Labor Day, at the Greek Orthodox church downtown, at 279 South 300 West. Of course there's things like dancing, booths, even a carnival for the kids. But the main reason to go? The food. This festival has some of the best Greek food I've ever had. Ever. If you doubt my words, take note: If you get there any time after noon on Saturday, expect to spend a good couple of hours waiting in line for food. It's just that good. Rumor has it this is the largest Greek festival west of the Mississippi. The lines probably have something to do with that too. But mostly, I blame the food. It's so good.

Of course you have to pick up a Gyro. Or two. Definitely some pilafi (Greek rice pilaf). Don't forget the dolmathes. Grab some souvlaki, and don't even think about not getting at least one meatball. In fact, do what I do and just get one of everthing, at the very least. While you can eat a good size meal for about $5 or so, I usually end up bringing $20 (just for food) and a cooler full of ice to bring it home it. It usually almost makes it through the weekend. I also try and bring a little cash for the booths. Last year I picked up a Greek family cookbook, and even a cookbook devoted entirely to phyllo dough.

According to About's Utah event page, admission is $2 for adults, and $1 for children under 12. That sounds about right to me. There's plenty of parking nearby, and it's usually not too expensive. If anyone wants to meet me there, I'm trying to pull together a group of friends to meet in the food line at 10:30am Saturday morning. Email me for details if you're interested (joseph at thatworks dot com).

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