Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Happy 10th Birthday, PLUG!

Finally, the Tux cake is revealed! I'm sure you're all going to be happy now that I'm going to stop talking about it. But allow me just a moment.

The Provo Linux Users Group celebrated its 10th birthday this evening. We started off with a presentation of the new website, and then moved onto a few words from our original founders, Mike and Thayne. Following that, I presented the Tux cake, along with a presentation of my tutorial, walking through how I built the dang thing. This how-to is now located in my tutorial area.

It was a difficult cake to build, but I'm glad I did it. We managed to convince Art Pollard of Amano Artisan Chocolate to show up, and we got somebody else to take a picture of him, me and Jayce (the president of PLUG).

We got a few other pictures in, some more morbid than others. There were a few kids there, egging me on as I cut into the cake. The older kid you see in the first picture is Thayne, one of the cofounders of PLUG.

Geez, people! Take yer dang pictures already! I posed for a lot of shots with the initial cake cutting. There was some sort of Linux kernel joke associated with this one, but I don't remember what.

How could you not love a lobotomized picture of Tux? We were originally talking about coloring the cake layers used for the head gray, and then use red velvet cake for the body. We have quite the macabre group, don't we? I'm still a little sad we didn't do that.

All in all, it was a fun time. And since I know you're wondering, Jayce's presentation on mod_security went well too. We had a great turnout, and a great time. See how much fun Open Source can be?


  1. The cake looks great. Congratulations!

  2. THis is the Bomb!! Jordy blogged about this and said you were the master chef at PLUG's b-day! Nice work!! Tux looks great!

  3. That is awesome, shame to eat it though.

  4. First off, I am newly engaged to a Linux fanatic(if there ever was one)...he's the president of our university's(U of Southern Mississippi) Linux User Group(LUG).

    We have been talking about what kind of grooms cake he should have and he, jokingly, said he would love to have Tux.

    I googled my little heart out and came across this site...

    needless to say, I am going to have Tux at my wedding reception!

    Thanks for the tutorial...however, we're probably going to pass it along to someone a little more qualified! =P

    awesome job!


  5. My husband is a HUUUUUUUUUGE Linux geek. Barely will eat or sleep for days when he's getting his head wrapped around a "problem" he thinks needs tweaking. :) I'll be attempting a Tux cake for his upcoming birthday. Thanks for the tips and advice, perhaps I'll make fewer mistakes now!

  6. I'm still new to Linux but I think Tux is just the cutest. I am in college classes and glad to be shutting the Windows. I am going to make this for finals day. Thank You so much for the how-to. Awesome job by the way.
    (My 5 year old wants one for her birthday too. Maybe I can learn fast enough to teach her right.)

  7. I got asked to make a penguin cake as a groom's cake, so this tutorial was perfect! Just much would you typically charge for something like this?


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