Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Utah Open Source Conference 2007

I'm pretty excited about this. In speaking with Herlo recently, I was asked to help out with the Utah Open Source Conference. Specifically, I was asked to help out with the food situation, and maybe even do an open source cooking demo. Whether or not the facilities people will allow us to do this still remains to be seen, but I'm hoping for the best. If they decide not to allow it, then I will likely still present on open source and cooking.

As fascinating as I know you all think my presentation will be, it will not be the only one. In fact, we have now officially opened a call for participation. Anyone is welcome to submit an idea for a topic that they would like to present on. Since I'm probably not the best to give you all the details, you'll want to check out the Utah Open Source Conference website at http://www.utosc.org/.

Of course, even if you don't have something that you would like to present on, I still encourage you to check out and attend the conference. There will be a wealth of information available to developers, businesses, students, even educators. It's a pretty exciting time, and I'm glad to have gotten involved. I think you will be too.

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