Thursday, February 8, 2007


I don't know who came up with the idea of chocolate-dipped Altoids, but they deserve a raise and a promotion. I even left them a comment on their site saying so. I first saw them last Saturday, and I've already been through three tins. In my defense, I daresay at least 30-40% of them were consumed by my wife or my coworkers. They're so addictive, I may find myself in rehab.

Wendy's is now using Blister in the Sun by the Violent Femmes to hawk burgers. I don't know who decided to use this song, based either on what everything thinks it means or what Gordon Gano says it really means, but I don't see a raise or a promotion in their future.

Speaking of inappropriate songs, we were watching The Office tonight. A full two minutes had passed before I realized that the band was playing Roxanne by The Police at the wedding. But hey, at least in this case, they knew what they were doing, right?

On Ace of Cakes tonight, they mixed luster dust with vodka to paint with it, because the alcohol would evaporate more quickly than water. Does that sound familiar to anyone that read my Black Chandelier Cake Tutorial?

Dangit, I just had to reboot my computer again. Hey, do you want an Altoid?


  1. Hi Joseph,
    Do you have a contact e-mail address by any chance? I didn't see one on your website?


  2. I have e-mailed you at: joseph - at - thatworks - dot - com


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