Monday, December 11, 2006

Links and New Wallpaper

While I was in Phoenix, I saw a poinsettia Christmas tree outside at the Biltmore Fashion Park and I knew I had to take some photos. I even made sure to get one that could easily be used as wallpaper. Look at me being all festive! It's posted in the nature wallpaper area.

I also found a couple of interesting links in my stats that I thought I'd share. One is called Cheww, and it looks to be a food version of Digg. I'm not just recommending it because they linked to one of my articles. It actually looks like a pretty good site, if you're into food at all. I've already started checking it on a regular basis.

I also found a pretty new blog called Open Computing. When I first ran across them, they only had one post, and it was the standard "hey, look at my blog!" type of thing. The thing that caught my eye was that they linked to me as an "Open Link". And when I saw that they attempted the Ubuntu Cookies, I knew I had to share them. This is not really a cooking site, though. It's actually a set of open source tutorials, kind of like what Christer Edwards' blog has become. Make sure to check them out.

And yes, I've had this happen to me at cooking school too.

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  1. Thanks for the link :) I hope the tutorials are helpful. If you're ever in need of a writeup just drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.

    As Jordy pointed out on his blog, my #1 goal is fighting bug #1 and I use my blog to do what I can.


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