Friday, June 23, 2006

New Site Design

I'm so excited! I liked the old design that I picked from Blogger's selections, but I needed something a little different. Sometime that let me do more. Something that let me use my new logo. You like it? For those non-geeks out there that don't get it, look at the power button on your computer. I wanted something that adequately described both me as a geek, and me as a cook.

Now, aside from the logo and the header image, I didn't do this site design either. One of the nice things about Open Source is that when my own abilities aren't enough (as is usually the case), somebody else has usually stepped up to the bat to do what I need anyway, and they're more than willing to share. In this case, I found my design on the Open Source Web Design site.

I also added Amazon to my list of advertising options. Hopefully I've managed to stay unobtrusive. I've always thought it was cool when each month Wired would publish their list of music that they were listening to. This was way before iPod celebrity playlists. As much as I love music, books are probably really more along my lines. So I decided to post a list of books that I'm currently working on. Hopefully somebody will find them useful.

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